Anthony Chavez Greetings, my name is I passionately work on many aspects of digital projects.


I code, I design, I take pride in being a great teammate

Hello, my name is Anthony Chavez - I am a technical leader based in Boulder, Colorado. I have a deep passion for executing well conceptualized and beautiful interactive products.

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in user interface and Javascript development as well as the management and overall direction of digital projects. As the result of my diverse work experience, I am comfortable with a broad range of business challenges and have the ability to articulate technical solutions to executive teams and non-technical collaborators. I am a good-humored teammate, collaborator and advocate with the ability to adapt my technical and strategic skills to any business model.

My passion for the digital arts and precise strategic thinking allows me to see a bigger picture and rapidly identify solutions to complex and diverse business challenges. While I am intensely 'deliverables' focused, I have a fierce high standard of service with clients that is goal-oriented and rooted in a spirit of transparency, communication and problem solving.

Technically speaking, I work with the latest techniques and methodologies in order to deliberately choose the correct tools to enforce coding patterns, optimization, security and workflow efficiency. As an interface developer at heart, I am biased towards NodeJS, but well versed in most stacks as well as continuous integration and deployment. Agile, or waterfall, I am comfortable managing and executing projects under any operational model.

My background in design, development, and strategy allow me to grow loyal, efficient and highly capable teams fortified by mutual investment and a spirit of collaboration. I take deep pride in the work of the teams I lead, and always take an active role in creating environments conducive to their success, growth and happiness.

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Data Visualization for Designers & Developers

In this presentation, principles for effective data visualization are reviewed as well as planning techniques. I provide a case study of PinPoint, an analytics tools for deans and administrators at nursing schools. Wrapping up the presentation, I provide some useful tools for designers and developers alike as well as some of the best visualization projects produced in 2014-2015.


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